Cannon of Lamb

This new cut is the eye of the loin or rack with all the fat and sinew removed. The weigh can vary from 12ozs/300g to 11/4lb/600g. and each cannon can feed two to three people. Very tender and lean it is ideally suited to 'flash' roasting, grilling, or when cut into miniature steaks or medallions frying in a little butter, with a spot of olive oil with garlic and herbs.

Another idea is to seal in hot cooking oil or butter, lightly coat with a smooth pate' with a little chopped onion and fresh mushrooms, wrap in pastry and bake as a lamb en croute.


Cooking Instructions:- Preheat oven 200C / Gas mark 5 Cook as for a roast 20 min per lb. (1/2 Kg)

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